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March 4th, 2009

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Ugh, Maeve lost a tooth and for two nights in a row, the tooth fairy totally forgot to pick it up! Thank god for Maeve's naivete and easy acceptance of the lame excuse I came up with -- the fairy was probably just really busy. In a way, this is the reality Maeve's grown up with, and I'm glad that she's not rebelling against it. She knows we all have bad weeks, even the tooth fairy!

I had to take Maeve to the hair dresser on Monday. Her hair was the worst it's ever been. It truly looked like a rat's nest in the back. She just won't take care of it, though, and won't subject to braids (which is what she really needs) or getting it cut. So I endured her tears and the embarrassing amazement of the hair dresser at the state of things, and had it straightened and trimmed up.

We leave for Pendjari National Park tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting out of the 'big city' for a few days and hope to see lots of animals. Even if it means having to put up with Maeve and Kieran's bickering for the 6+ hours it will take us to get to our overnight destination.
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