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March 25th, 2009

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Last week the day after I last wrote an entry I came into the office to learn that the three-year old daughter of one of my colleagues had died the previous night. The child was otherwise healthy. She had been throwing up and not feeling well so the parents took her to a clinic. It sounds like someone administered a drug improperly, and that is how she died. I just can't imagine having to deal with something like that. This is, I suppose, one of the reasons I work in development. No one should have to pay with their lives for things that are simple to fix. That this happened in one of the better clinics in the capital tells you how much work we have to do here to improve health and the health system.

Today there was a public ceremony for the volunteer, Kate, who was killed. I ended up sitting right behind the volunteer's best friend from her village, who was there with a whole contingent of about 16 people from her site. There was a brief slide show which showed Kate living, working, and loving life with people from her village. When a slide came up of Kate with her friend, the woman just in front of me, she began to wail and shake. It was terribly painful to see how this woman was suffering.
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