Kitty (lebalkam) wrote,

To Laugh or Not

M is getting all geared up for her birthday party. She was working diligently on her invitation list the other day and added a name I didn't recognize as one of her friends. She proceeded to tell me that the girl was new at the beginning of the semester and that K always says that "she always looks like this [and stuck her front teeth out over her bottom lip.]" Right then and there I knew exactly who this friend is because I have noticed the girl, a darling little brown thing with the most prominent, unfortunate rabbit teeth. I didn't say a thing to Maeve, but I thought "oh my god, I hope K makes that remark as naively as M just related it to me, rather than to make fun!" He is such a sweet child, usually. Though he torments M mercilessly I really hope he's not going to turn into a playground meanie.
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