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I've gone over the edge. I nearly started crying this morning because I stopped in the Air France office on my way to work but found it closed. Oh, the difficulty in getting anything done here!

I had stopped at Air France to ask them to confirm that K will have kids' meals on his flights. Air France has NEVER gotten this right for us (gripe #1). On Monday I asked a colleague to verify that this time will be different. The colleague left for vacation on Tuesday with not a word to me on the status of my request (gripe #2). Another colleague had a hard time getting a hold of Air France (gripe#2.5). Ultimately, she talked to them but let me know that Air France had no way of confirming a kids meal because the internet was down (gripe #3). Rather than waste anyone else's time on this, I asked what time the airline office opened in the morning. Two co-workers said "8:00," which is just perfect since I pass it on the way in to work. So I stopped, found it closed (gripe#4) and cursed my colleagues, who should know better! (gripe #5).

As background to all of this, I am guilty of my usual 'over-performing' to compensate for what I see as a total lack of planning and focus on the part of my dear sweet spouse. As usual, I am finding myself stressed to the max and angry as a result of feeling like the world will fall apart unless I do something to stave off disaster. To wit:

Who took care of travel and logistic plans for the three kids' who've already gone away or on vacation? Me

Who ensured that all of our travel plans are taken care of? Me

Who sketched out the vacation itinerary and budget? Me

Assembled required paperwork needed in US?

Organized C's paperwork and mail from the university?

Purchased gifts for Paris family and friends?

Made arrangements for pet care while we're gone?

Already packed for me and K?

I think you get the picture. All of the items on our shared to-do list assigned to G, by the way, haven't been checked off yet. Are they critically important? Not really...otherwise I would have taken care of them already!

Last night I nearly blew a fuse. I called G at 18:00, after a not-so-great day, to say I was just finishing up and was ready to leave the office and run the errands we had planned. He said OK, he'd finish up work where he was. Forty minutes later I called to ask where the hell he was. Already out in the market running errands, so I said I'd go home. I walked outside, but our car wasn't there. He hadn't told me he took it, so I was stuck. Luckily, I got a ride home, and Mr. Live-by-the-Moment rolled home at around 20:15. He got pissed at me that I had already eaten dinner because he wanted to go out to eat. I was already annoyed as hell with him so told him to go out by himself, which he did. I went to bed.

Tonight he will have to pack his stuff and do whatever he needs. I am going to relax. I promise.

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